“AMAR was exceptionally responsive to the needs of the Government both in programmatic and contracting areas”.

NIH Contractor Performance Report – February 2009
NIH-US Department of Health and Human Services
Direct Quotes from the report

“The best aspect of AMAR is the background and personal experience in the scientific and business fields, and their experience with various other companies”.
President of a Biotechnology Company
July 2008

“AMAR always provides a thorough review and a quick turn around of our [or my] data safety monitoring data.”
Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist
Healthcare Foundation
July 2008

“AMAR staff members have been very responsive to our timelines and requests for clarification”.
Managing Director, Healthcare Research
A Major Investment Bank and Financial Services Company
July 2008

“AMAR staff has played a key role in the state-of-the-art management and analyses of the high-throughput genomics and proteomics data, while collaborating with leading researchers to generate novel diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers and therapy targets.”
Scientific Director
US Department of Defense
November 2007

“Both the program office and the contracts office regard AMAR International, Inc. as an outstanding contractor, and have reflected this by assigning top scores in formal past performance ratings, by exercising available options for continued performance, and by awarding them progressively more difficult contract work. AMAR is dedicated to high quality work and customer relations and flexible in dealings with us.”

“The contractor has demonstrated an outstanding performance level that justifies adding a point to the score. It is expected that this rating will be used in those rare circumstances where the contractor achieved cost savings and performance clearly exceeds the performance levels described as “Excellent”.

“AMAR strived for efficiency and kept costs very well controlled. It always submitted proper invoices in terms of format and supporting documentation”.

“AMAR was very timely on all deliverables, even in the context of Government’s often changing needs. It always exceeded all of the Government’s requirements in terms of content, format, and “extra” data analysis”.